P-47 Fowler Flaps Sample

These pictures are from my 1995 Top Gun restoration project coming soon. The new flaps are made from CNC 6064 Aluminum.

  • What is the best method of actuating the flaps?
    A - The best way is to use a heavy duty servo running over 200oz of torque. We have one driving each flap from the center at the moment. You could use two for added comfort.
  • How strong of a servo(s) do you recommend?
    A - 200oz or greater
  • What material are the flaps made of?
    A - 6064 Aluminum
  • How do I order these?
    A - Print up a form from our website
  • Acceptable payment methods?
    A - Mail in a check or money order made out to Aero Accessories Ltd.
  • Shipping costs?
    A - $10.00 UPS
  • Delivery time?
    A - Usually 2 weeks after order.
  • Is there anything else that I need to be aware of in using these from your experience?
    A - Keep them lubed with a light grease for smooth operation. They will give you years of operating happiness.