Premium 1/4 Scale WWII US Pilots

Each pilot has a full body. At only 5.5 oz clothed, they are the lightest articulating pilots available. Each pilot body is made from 17 different molds to enable lifelike poses in your aircraft. The shoulders are adjustable in width from 3-3/4" to 4-1/4". The shoes and legs may be removed to fit in limited cockpits. The clothing has been sewn from actual cloth fabric. Warbird pilots have Khaki shirt and pants, brown belt with brown shoes.

US $129.00 plus S&H

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Included with each pilot are the following accessories: Crush cap, goggles, flying hat, oxygen mask with hose and harness, 4 Point harness and seat belts and Watch

Our Two Pilots
Major Black and Capt Smith
(Click on each for full length view