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P-47 ready made dash panel
Fits 92" Ziroli and Robart P-47

We now are able to offer individual components of
the 1/4-1/5 Scale P-51 Cockpit
(Click on image to view)
See photos of Fred Thompson's P-51
which he built using Aero Accessories products

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We now carry Premium versions of 1/4 scale US Pilots or with Luftwaffe uniforms.
These are really detailed! See the U.S. or German
Pilots with 1/5 or 1/4 scale P-51's using WABO landing gear,
the company is no longer responding to our queries. We still
have some parts in stock. If you need spare parts, Email us.
We are please to announce we now offer both the Hamilton Standard and the Curtiss Props for the P-47
See P-47 Accessories Page

***Now Available***
P-51 Static Blades For Your COMP-ARF or FC P-51!!
Four (4) blades - $145 + S&H

We also now have the
Dry Transfer Markings
for the above props -- $15.00

Show your colors! New Meister Scale Collared and Tee Shirts - See Here

Photos of the 2007 WRAM Show
See Photos

Battery Backup! Click Here to read about it.

We have added Pilots for your aircraft. To see more click on Photo.

Click Here to see Scott Annis' P47 with Aero Foil

New Microprocessor Based Electronic Selector Valve.
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New Electronic Landing Gear and Door System.
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We've added the New Cockpit Kit for the Hanger 9 150 P-47.
See the new product and Horizon Quarterly Article.

See our new product line for "Keeping Cool" at the next fly-in.

To all you Meister fans! Aero-Accessories, Ltd. is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Meister-Scale. This well-known company has for the last 31 years provided the R/C community with quality plans and components. Back in 1974 the founder Jim Meister and Dick Bernier started a company called Jemco. Jemco had been known for their 40 size designs such as the NA P-51 Mustang, Fock Wulf 190 D-9, Messerschmitt ME 109G-2 and the Fairchild PT-19 Trainer. All of those designs utilized the JEM-LOC construction that allowed for self jigging and aligning of parts. This technique proved to work very well with Jim's designs for the future models to come. Around 1979 the Master Scale series of the P-51 and Dauntless were born with great accuracy mainly due to their countless hours spent measuring every angle of the full-scale aircraft located in Chino, California. Starting in 1991, Meister-Scale evolved knowing that the industry had changed with the demand for larger Warbirds. Jim and Dick responded quickly with a line of Semi-Scale Heavy Metal aircraft. While now a part of AARC, it will continue to operate as Meister-Scale, providing R/C hobbyists with it's full line of products employing the same quality and service for which it has become so famous for. Some of Meister-Scale's latest offerings bring great news!! We now produce lasercut kits exclusively by our own "in-house" laser machine cut by Lasercut USA. No more chasing other kit cutters for kits and spare parts. The merging of these companies will provide a broader product integration and price benefit to R/C consumers. Please visit us at http://www.meister-scale.com/ for recent news and to see our product line that will be growing in the near future.

Remember, "Nothing flies like a Meister"

We are pleased to announced that we are now an authorized dealer for Robart.