Electric Landing Gear & Door System


General Description:

MHGDC is a microprocessor device capable to handle the gears and doors cycles, time and sequence for scale and sport R/C planes, its designed to work with all standard servos and also the new (MHV) computerized pressure GEAR AND DOOR selector valves.

This device only consumes 30 ma and it's a small package. It uses the gear ATV to set the travel of the gear and doors servos one time, the unit will memorize the data that way gear up and down is only required to initiate the sequence.

Every time you turn on the receiver with the TX on, the unit will initiate the sequence accordingly with the gear selector s/w position and if during the transition the gear s/w is changed, the unit first finishes the cycle then initiates the new command , that way it prevents door and gear miss sequence that some times ends with damaging results.

If you turn on the RX only, the unit will stay in the last position that you previously had set, it means no output to the servos or (MHV) until you turn on the TX.

Mr. Jack Diaz found a very nice and interesting feature about the MHGDC, after programming the ATV for Gear & Doors, the gear channel now is almost a free channel, that can be shared with the gyro gain selector with a " Y " extension in the gear channel. After the programming is done, you set the appropriate Gyro gains without any effect in the gear positions -- guess what, one more channel.

Instruction Manual (jpeg images)

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