Part Number Description Price
OMNIXL-1 ES-1: Single Output Opto-isolated RC Switch $95.00
OMNIXL-2 ES-2: Dual Output Opto-isolated RC Switch $135.00
OMNIXL-3 (3) Navigation Light Set of 8mm LED Bulbs on 1/4 scale leads with connectors $75.00
OMNIXL-4 93) Navigation Light wire Set for 1/4 scale leads with connectors (Harness Only) $40.00
OMNIXL-5 8mm Red, Green, OR White Navigation LED end view with short ends (Each) $20.00
OMNIXL-6 (3) 8mm White LED Formation light side end mounts. Includes formation light harness. $60.00
OMNIXL-7 LED Landing Light 6.6 V with 1-1/4" diameter reflector (P-51 or P-47 style) $45.00
OMNIXL-8 LED Landing Light 6.6 V with (metal) 7/8" diameter reflector for Cessna type $45.00
OMNIXL-9 LED Landing Light 6.6 V with (metal) 2" diameter reflector $55.00
OMNIXL-10 LED Landing Light 6,6 V with (metal) 1" diameter reflector $50.00
OMNIXL-11 LED Landing Light 6.6 V with (metal) 1 1/2" diameter reflector $40.00
    Note - Pricing subject to change without notice.
  • Ask about custom lighting setups as this price list is a minimum representation
  • All lights and systems assembled for delivery and so tested - Guaranteed non-DOA
  • Please read and heed polarity, heat, and lead bending warnings, as installed or modified units, bulbs are not refundable if we determine abuse damage.